Review of the Trulystep Moonshine Still

5 gallon moonshine still for sale,

Our review of the Trulystep Moonshine Still

5 gallon moonshine still for sale,
Wyn Trulystep Moonshine Step

Moonshine is a distilled corn base liquor known to be a perfect base mix for rum, whiskey, and even cocktails. In addition, it’s deemed to have the unique distinction of alcohol taste that makes every sip unforgettable. If you’ve tasted one, you’ll definitely want to try making your own moonshine drink.

Its lucky for you that because it does not require a huge area to make your moonshine drink; all you need is enough room to assemble a piece of small distillery equipment. A small moonshine still is one of the most convenient tools to make an incredibly delicious moonshine at home or camp.

Don’t know where to find small stills for sale? There are available complete still equipment on Amazon that will surely live your expectation like this copper TrulyStep Moonshine Still. It’s one of the many pieces of distillation equipment we have used an we rate it as almost perfect for enthusiasts or expert moonshine makers.

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Why should you buy this Moonshine Still?


This multi-purpose distiller is not only for making moonshine alcohol but also whiskey, wine, alcohol, ethanol, hydrosol, and essential oils maker. It can also serve as a water distiller, which is worth a buy. You can also use this equipment for either personal use or for starting your own business as various sizes are available from 10 up to 30 litres capacity.

Safe and High-quality Materials

In terms of materials, the small distillery equipment is made of great quality copper labelled as non-toxic. The pot and other materials are also made of thick stainless steel, making it more reliable for heating. The steels are also argon welded which means that they can provide protection against health issues associated with copper and other steel.

Beginner-Friendly Features

If you’re worried about the heating source, a typical stove, induction cooker, or other heating sources will ease your worry. In addition, the built-in thermometer will help you control the temperature of the distiller to make the best Moonshine or other grain alcohol.

In addition, the distillery set has useful inclusion that prevents burn out such as the Gauge Bag and Stainless Steam Plate. Also, it includes a Temperature sticker as a tool to inspect the temperature of large pots when fermenting.

“Compared to Stills that are made of copper materials, the Truly Step Moonshine still is cheaper and more suitable for starters”


Making your moonshine drink doesn’t have to be expensive. Luckily, TrulyStep small moonshine still equipment is the most affordable distillery that includes everything you need to make your own drink. For less than $100 (last time we checked) you’ll definitely feel that it’s a worthy investment.

Compared to stills that are made of copper materials, this small moonshine still is cheaper and suitable for starters.

Overall, this small moonshine still is the best option for those who want to dive in making their own drinks. Its materials are copper and stainless steel, which is great for long term usage. Also, since it comes in one set, you’ll have no worry about assembling the distillery. Moreover, its aesthetic is commendable with its shiny combination of copper and steel that will surely match a smart home.

Pro’s and Cons

Buying your own moonshine distillery can be exciting, but before purchasing one, you should be aware of the pros and cons of the product that you’ll buy to ensure its quality. Here are some of the things that you should know about buying the Moonshine Still.


The Moonshine Still is around 9.8 inches in diameter, which is great since it does not occupy much space.
The stainless steel materials are also durable. It’s cheaper than any other type of Distillery.
There are plenty of items that can be made out of this one small Still other than Moonshine– from rum, whiskey, vodka, and even essential oils.


Somehow, stainless steel is not that great of a heat conductor, which can take making Moonshine a bit longer. Since it’s not a great heat conductor, it needs a higher amount of heat, so if you’re using a stove, you might consume more fuel. Another drawback of this stainless pot distillery is its inability to dissolve sulphides from the alcohol during the process.


Buying a Moonshine Still can be challenging as well, especially for beginners, since various factors need to be considered to find a suitable distiller. It requires checking everything from its materials, capacity, heat source, features, and even the drawbacks.

Despite some drawbacks of the TrulyStep Moonshine Still, it has more advantages than any other stills when it comes to pricing, aesthetics, features, and functions.

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Review of the Seeutek moonshine still

5 gallon moonshine still for sale,

Our review of the Seeutek moonshine still

5 gallon moonshine still for sale,
Seetuek Moonshine Still

Surely, you’ve known Moonshine as the illegal alcohol that can make you blind. Well, that theory was debunked a long time ago. Nowadays, Moonshine has been getting much attention because of its unique taste that provides a new experience for whiskey, cocktail, and vodka lovers. With the current moonshine trend, you might have been thinking of starting your moonshine-making journey. Well, the first step to that is to get your own distillery equipment.

There are plenty of Moonshine Stills out there; you can buy them on Amazon or any other online store. However, if you’ve been browsing for Moonshine Stills, you might have come across this beginner-friendly small distillery equipment: Seeutek Alcohol Still. It’s one of the famous Moonshine Stills that are perfect for starters and veteran moonshine makers.

Here are some of the reasons why Seeutek Alcohol Still is one of the top options of available small stills for sale:

Space Friendly

If you’re making Moonshine as a personal hobby, this small Moonshine still is probably what you need because of its size. The smallest size of this Alcohol still is measured with a height of 7.9 inches and 10.8 inches in diameter, which only needs a bit of your home space. You do not have to make your home an entire distillery to make more than 12 cups of Moonshine. You only need this small alcohol still that you can even carry with you when you feel like going on a camp.

Multi-Use Distiller

Alcohol connoisseurs love this distiller because of its multipurpose usage that can make a variety of drinks. It’s excellent equipment for making distilled wine, rum, whiskey, scotch, and even tequila. It’s perfect also for starters who want to experiment with making beverages. In addition, other than alcoholic drinks, you can also use this as a water distiller or make essential oils.

“Seeutek Alcohol Still is just perfect to start your Moonshine-making journey”

Good Quality Materials

Seeutek Alcohol Still is known for its red copper cooling tube, which is also non-toxic. On the other hand, its materials like the pots are made of stainless steel and do not have lead, making them safe for making drinks.

For personal and business use

Although the name implies small moonshine still, the distiller has available sizes that are bigger enough to start your own moonshine business. The biggest pot can handle up to 8 gallons which can produce more than 24 cups of Moonshine.

Multiple Heating Methods

This small distillery equipment is also worth the investment, especially since you can use multiple heating sources. For example, you can use a gas stove or induction cooker to do the job, but you can even use firewood to heat it if you don’t have both.

Key Features

Whether you’re making moonshine or brewing other types of drinks, this Alcohol Still is the best option for that, especially because of its key features. One to mention is the built-in thermometer that is efficient to get the exact temperature of when fermenting drinks. So, even if you’re a beginner, this small distillery equipment is easy to handle.

It also comes in with a copper cooling tube, which is quite helpful for cooling the alcohol. It’s also an excellent feature that benefits you when producing wine. Its stainless buckles sealing the lid are also notable since it’s essential to avoid stem leakage.

Affordable Price

When you thought about moonshine maker, it sounds pretty expensive, but you’ll be surprised that with $89.99 to $118.99, you’ll have one to use at home. Compared to other brands, it’s affordable. It’s also offered a hundred percent money-back guarantee, and free parts exchange if the Moonshine Still has defects.

Overall, with its key features and built, Seeutek Alcohol Still is just perfect to start your Moonshine-making journey. The multi-function and the complete set is the best part of the product as you can make plenty of beverages other than Moonshine.

Advantages of Small Moonshine Still

Cheap and affordable, yet the quality is not sacrificed. It has multiple functions as well, which makes it an ideal moonshine still.
It has features that are useful for both veterans and newbies in the alcohol-making industry.
It’s available in various sizes, which is ideal for either personal or business use.


The pots for this distiller are made of stainless steel, which is not known to conduct heat efficiently. So, it might take you longer to produce your favorite beverages.

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Review of the Eco-Worthy moonshine still

5 gallon moonshine still for sale,

Our review

A Valuable Tool for Water and Alcohol needs

5 gallon moonshine still for sale,
Eco Worthy Moonshine Still

Beverages are an essential part of every meal. Usually, people may prefer plain water to bring down food items. Some people prefer juice, while others like a more robust liquid, such as alcohol. That is why when shopping for kitchen tools and equipment, there are consumers that look for distillers.

Distillers are devices that turn the liquid into steam. This process allows potential pathogens to dissipate or be removed. One product that has all the makings of a good distiller is the Eco-Worthy small moonshine still.

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Why Use a Small Distillery Equipment

Distillers can turn liquid into steam. Usually, they are used with water. The process removes chemicals such as fluoride and arsenic-which can all be harmful if left on the water. Distillers may either be countertop items or automatic devices. Those who have these around the house can enjoy clear water used for drinking and cooking.

For those that want a sustainable water solution, then a distiller hits the spot. For instance, you do not have to buy multiple bottles of distilled water if you already have the device at home. However, you must be sure to select a brand that has versatile functions to make your purchase worth the money.

The Eco-Worthy moonshine still

Many devices out in the market have shiny names but fail to deliver on the promise. The Eco-Worthy moonshine still might be an item with a flashy name, but it has a whole slew of features that puts it at the top of other distillers.

Made out of stainless steel, not only can it help you make distilled water-but it is also a winemaking kit. If you ever dreamt of making your whiskey or brandy, then this product is something worth considering.

“Its versatility is unmatched, so purchasing it will give you a satisfying experience”

Uses and Features

Unlike other devices that are only suitable for use at home or a winery, this can be used for both places. The functions are not limited to distillation. You can also use it for fermenting your ingredients. That way, you can create whiskey and brandy to your liking.

In addition, you do not have to worry about where to use it-you can have stoves power the tool with no issues. Feel free to test it out with gas, electric, and even coal-powered stoves. Also, the distiller can carry over five gallons of raw liquid, producing one gallon or six bottles of wine. This amount should be more than enough.

The distiller also has secondary makeup, producing a more subdued and delicious taste. You can also incorporate spices, herbs, and other flavours to improve the taste. If you want to make the wine more powerful, you may use any ingredients you feel are necessary.

The distilled products are also supported at optimal temperatures for the best quality. It goes up to 50 degrees, which is more than enough heat to make for a safe and delicious alcoholic beverage. You can try out tequila and other cocktails as well. For those that like to host house parties but want a more personal touch to the liquids, then this might be a solid item for you.

Safety and Versatility

If you want more practical uses, then the Eco-worthy moonshine is also a suitable option. The distiller is capable of turning tap water into a sterile liquid safe for drinking. Gone are the days of spending tens of dollars on bottled water when you can make it yourself. It is also an environmentally sustainable option since there will be no bottles. You can use a reusable liquid container to house the product.

To create fragrances, you may also combine essential oils and water to produce a pleasant-smelling mixture. You may use these to infuse your room with a nature-like aroma.

The Verdict

Overall, this distiller is a product to watch. It hits all the essential functions, so if you want to have clean water, it can give you that. But it does not hurt to have a whole slew of other functions as well-especially if you are a fan of alcohol.

The Eco-worthy moonshine still is a product that can give you alcoholic beverages, clean water, and even fragrances. Its versatility is unmatched, so purchasing it will give you a satisfying experience.

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The best small stills for sale under $500

best moonshine still for beginner

Here is our review of a number of small stills for sale so you can start your distillation experience without spending a lot of money on your setup.

ModelVevor Moonshine StillEco-worthy Alcohol StillSeeutek Moonshine StillTrulystep Home Distiller
Sizes available (G)3 or 5 Gallons

5 or 8 Gallons

2, 3 or 5, Gallons

2, 3, 5 or 8 Gallons

Sizes available (L)11 or 15 Liters19 or 30 Liters8, 11 or 15 Liters8, 11 ,19 or 30 Liters
Check Price
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
Built in thermometer
Can utilise multiple heat sources
Beginner friendly
Rating 4.0 out of 5.0 stars3.5 out of 5.0 stars4.5 out of 5.0 stars3.0 out of 5.0 stars
Review articleReview here Review here Review here Review here

Remember to check local laws regarding the production of alcohol for home use before beginning your brewing experience.

Review of the Vevor Moonshine still

5 gallon moonshine still for sale,

Our review of the Vevor moonshine still

5 gallon moonshine still for sale,
Vevor Moonshine Still

This is my first distiller product that I’ve purchased and it’s been something I’ve been wanting to get into for a long time. I enjoy visiting distilleries, but was a little hesitant to buy one myself and figure out the process. A few attempts later and all my concerns were assuaged by the ease of use of the VEVOR moonshine still.

After thoroughly researching a variety of similar products, I pulled the trigger and bought the three gallon VEVOR Moonshine Still. There were a lot of products across the price spectrum, and found this product to have the most features in the price point I was comfortable spending. I found the 3 gallon size to be perfect for someone who just wants to dip their toes into distilling their own alcohol but still have. sturdy enough product to grow as skill increases. Overall, the product looks great on my stovetop and was fun to experiment with to get the whiskey just how I wanted it.

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Since I have been wanting to try making my own whiskey, I had done some research on different brands and models. When the VEVOR Moonshine arrived, I was confident in my decision. Firstly, the product quality is top-notch. I was impressed by the stainless steel construction and durability of the distiller. The reinforced bottom gave me confidence that the product will last longer than some of the competition, since I was going to be using it directly on my electric stovetop. I’ve heard friends complain about the time it takes to cool, but with this product there was no issue at all. The size of the product takes up just a bit more room than your average seafood pot, so I was pleasantly surprised that this stores easily in my small downtown apartment.

Instructions were easy to follow, which was important to a beginner like my wife and I. The unit felt secure after attaching the safety clips and were easy to get on and off without feeling too easily breakable. While the whiskey turned out pretty good, I’m excited to ferment some agave nectar for tequila and some molasses for rum, plus maybe some wines for when friends come over. The ease of use would make a great event to do with friends with pretty minimal prep if you’re looking for a fun group activity.

I felt like a Chicago gangster during the 1920’s prohibition era.

Once you’ve perfect your formula for the moonshine mash, the VEVOR makes the steps easily laid out (and fun!). Once you ferment the yeast, you can begin to use the still to distill the mash. It’s fun to watch the distilling process in action with the steam and how everything blends together. As the pressure inside the still builds up, the alcohol begins to evaporate through the escape pipe. The steam goes past the cooling coils on its way out and the result is what makes the alcoholic liquid- moonshine. Like I said, you have to experiment with the fermenting process a few times to get it right, and the same for the distilling process. If your sugar/water ratios are off in the very beginning, you won’t be able to get the results you’re looking for. However, once you get it right, it’s really incredibly gratifying. I felt like a Chicago gangster during the 1920’s prohibition era.

I think with any new distiller/moonshine product, there is a learning curve. It took a few tries before I was comfortable with the process, but eventually figured out how to time the drips to get the best tasting product. Luckily there is a handy thermometer that helps you figure out where you need to be. Don’t get discouraged if you’re a newbie! You can’t beat the price for the quality of this product. For the price, I expected loose parts or being overwhelming to put together, but was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use. This makes for a great social activity to do with friends who are also interested in distilling. Bonus points if one of them has a chemistry background to experiment with different types of drinks at an expert level.

By Colined45

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