Review of the Trulystep Moonshine Still

Our review of the Trulystep Moonshine Still

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Moonshine is a distilled corn base liquor known to be a perfect base mix for rum, whiskey, and even cocktails. In addition, it’s deemed to have the unique distinction of alcohol taste that makes every sip unforgettable. If you’ve tasted one, you’ll definitely want to try making your own moonshine drink.

Its lucky for you that because it does not require a huge area to make your moonshine drink; all you need is enough room to assemble a piece of small distillery equipment. A small moonshine still is one of the most convenient tools to make an incredibly delicious moonshine at home or camp.

Don’t know where to find small stills for sale? There are available complete still equipment on Amazon that will surely live your expectation like this copper TrulyStep Moonshine Still. It’s one of the many pieces of distillation equipment we have used an we rate it as almost perfect for enthusiasts or expert moonshine makers.

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Why should you buy this Moonshine Still?


This multi-purpose distiller is not only for making moonshine alcohol but also whiskey, wine, alcohol, ethanol, hydrosol, and essential oils maker. It can also serve as a water distiller, which is worth a buy. You can also use this equipment for either personal use or for starting your own business as various sizes are available from 10 up to 30 litres capacity.

Safe and High-quality Materials

In terms of materials, the small distillery equipment is made of great quality copper labelled as non-toxic. The pot and other materials are also made of thick stainless steel, making it more reliable for heating. The steels are also argon welded which means that they can provide protection against health issues associated with copper and other steel.

Beginner-Friendly Features

If you’re worried about the heating source, a typical stove, induction cooker, or other heating sources will ease your worry. In addition, the built-in thermometer will help you control the temperature of the distiller to make the best Moonshine or other grain alcohol.

In addition, the distillery set has useful inclusion that prevents burn out such as the Gauge Bag and Stainless Steam Plate. Also, it includes a Temperature sticker as a tool to inspect the temperature of large pots when fermenting.

“Compared to Stills that are made of copper materials, the Truly Step Moonshine still is cheaper and more suitable for starters”


Making your moonshine drink doesn’t have to be expensive. Luckily, TrulyStep small moonshine still equipment is the most affordable distillery that includes everything you need to make your own drink. For less than $100 (last time we checked) you’ll definitely feel that it’s a worthy investment.

Compared to stills that are made of copper materials, this small moonshine still is cheaper and suitable for starters.

Overall, this small moonshine still is the best option for those who want to dive in making their own drinks. Its materials are copper and stainless steel, which is great for long term usage. Also, since it comes in one set, you’ll have no worry about assembling the distillery. Moreover, its aesthetic is commendable with its shiny combination of copper and steel that will surely match a smart home.

Pro’s and Cons

Buying your own moonshine distillery can be exciting, but before purchasing one, you should be aware of the pros and cons of the product that you’ll buy to ensure its quality. Here are some of the things that you should know about buying the Moonshine Still.


The Moonshine Still is around 9.8 inches in diameter, which is great since it does not occupy much space.
The stainless steel materials are also durable. It’s cheaper than any other type of Distillery.
There are plenty of items that can be made out of this one small Still other than Moonshine– from rum, whiskey, vodka, and even essential oils.


Somehow, stainless steel is not that great of a heat conductor, which can take making Moonshine a bit longer. Since it’s not a great heat conductor, it needs a higher amount of heat, so if you’re using a stove, you might consume more fuel. Another drawback of this stainless pot distillery is its inability to dissolve sulphides from the alcohol during the process.


Buying a Moonshine Still can be challenging as well, especially for beginners, since various factors need to be considered to find a suitable distiller. It requires checking everything from its materials, capacity, heat source, features, and even the drawbacks.

Despite some drawbacks of the TrulyStep Moonshine Still, it has more advantages than any other stills when it comes to pricing, aesthetics, features, and functions.

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