Review of the Seeutek moonshine still

Our review of the Seeutek moonshine still

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Seetuek Moonshine Still

Surely, you’ve known Moonshine as the illegal alcohol that can make you blind. Well, that theory was debunked a long time ago. Nowadays, Moonshine has been getting much attention because of its unique taste that provides a new experience for whiskey, cocktail, and vodka lovers. With the current moonshine trend, you might have been thinking of starting your moonshine-making journey. Well, the first step to that is to get your own distillery equipment.

There are plenty of Moonshine Stills out there; you can buy them on Amazon or any other online store. However, if you’ve been browsing for Moonshine Stills, you might have come across this beginner-friendly small distillery equipment: Seeutek Alcohol Still. It’s one of the famous Moonshine Stills that are perfect for starters and veteran moonshine makers.

Here are some of the reasons why Seeutek Alcohol Still is one of the top options of available small stills for sale:

Space Friendly

If you’re making Moonshine as a personal hobby, this small Moonshine still is probably what you need because of its size. The smallest size of this Alcohol still is measured with a height of 7.9 inches and 10.8 inches in diameter, which only needs a bit of your home space. You do not have to make your home an entire distillery to make more than 12 cups of Moonshine. You only need this small alcohol still that you can even carry with you when you feel like going on a camp.

Multi-Use Distiller

Alcohol connoisseurs love this distiller because of its multipurpose usage that can make a variety of drinks. It’s excellent equipment for making distilled wine, rum, whiskey, scotch, and even tequila. It’s perfect also for starters who want to experiment with making beverages. In addition, other than alcoholic drinks, you can also use this as a water distiller or make essential oils.

“Seeutek Alcohol Still is just perfect to start your Moonshine-making journey”

Good Quality Materials

Seeutek Alcohol Still is known for its red copper cooling tube, which is also non-toxic. On the other hand, its materials like the pots are made of stainless steel and do not have lead, making them safe for making drinks.

For personal and business use

Although the name implies small moonshine still, the distiller has available sizes that are bigger enough to start your own moonshine business. The biggest pot can handle up to 8 gallons which can produce more than 24 cups of Moonshine.

Multiple Heating Methods

This small distillery equipment is also worth the investment, especially since you can use multiple heating sources. For example, you can use a gas stove or induction cooker to do the job, but you can even use firewood to heat it if you don’t have both.

Key Features

Whether you’re making moonshine or brewing other types of drinks, this Alcohol Still is the best option for that, especially because of its key features. One to mention is the built-in thermometer that is efficient to get the exact temperature of when fermenting drinks. So, even if you’re a beginner, this small distillery equipment is easy to handle.

It also comes in with a copper cooling tube, which is quite helpful for cooling the alcohol. It’s also an excellent feature that benefits you when producing wine. Its stainless buckles sealing the lid are also notable since it’s essential to avoid stem leakage.

Affordable Price

When you thought about moonshine maker, it sounds pretty expensive, but you’ll be surprised that with $89.99 to $118.99, you’ll have one to use at home. Compared to other brands, it’s affordable. It’s also offered a hundred percent money-back guarantee, and free parts exchange if the Moonshine Still has defects.

Overall, with its key features and built, Seeutek Alcohol Still is just perfect to start your Moonshine-making journey. The multi-function and the complete set is the best part of the product as you can make plenty of beverages other than Moonshine.

Advantages of Small Moonshine Still

Cheap and affordable, yet the quality is not sacrificed. It has multiple functions as well, which makes it an ideal moonshine still.
It has features that are useful for both veterans and newbies in the alcohol-making industry.
It’s available in various sizes, which is ideal for either personal or business use.


The pots for this distiller are made of stainless steel, which is not known to conduct heat efficiently. So, it might take you longer to produce your favorite beverages.

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